Slip Dresses Over T-shirts

Slip dresses over t-shirt, the 90 fashion is back. While it can look grungy-cool, it can also look very put together and calm, very work appropriate. 

It’s a way to do slip dresses without having to worry about boobs and bras and the plunging neckline situation. You just layer it with a t-shirt underneath.

It usually looks great with a basic white t-shirt, not too tight, but not loose either. The white or even grey tee gives it a very casual but 90s camisole vibe to it. It looks amazing with shades, boots, chokers, long hair.

You can also do this look with coloured tees or even stripped ones. The point is to not go oversized on the t-shirts. Other than that have fun with layers and prints and patters and colours.

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